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Saturday 2nd March

9.30 am

10.00 am

10.30 am

11.30 am

11.50 am

12.30 pm

1.30 pm

2.00 pm

2.40 pm

3.00 pm

3.30 pm

4.15 pm



Keynote: Ted Turnau


Workshop/Seminar 1


Creative presentations 

Workshop/Seminar 2


Creative presentations 

Workshop/Seminar 3

Panel: Faithfulness on the Frontline

Workshop 1: Liquid Art with Josephine Frenke

Seminar 1: Church and Culture with Nate Orr

Workshop 2: Songwriting with Jessie Dipper

Seminar 2: Science Fiction and Fantasy Fandom with Caleb Woolbridge

Workshop 3: Storytelling with Prue Thimbleby

Seminar 3: Arts, Architecture and Business with Dan Benham

Panel Members: Ted Turnau, Caleb Woodbridge, Jessie Dipper, Nick Andrews & Rachel Carney

Saturday Evening

7.00 pm

7.15 pm

8.00 pm

9.00 pm

Welcome drinks and nibbles

Twmpath band & dancing



“Serious Play: The Power, Beauty, and Costly Call of the Christian Creative in a Post-Christian World”

“Being a Christian creative in a post-Christian world is fun, but it’s also a serious business. Creatives have a high calling: out of the grace they’ve received, they are to give away parts of themselves in their art, planting “oases” in the desert that draw the alienated, hurting, resentful, and cynical in to see the world anew.


The creatives who can do this work well employ imaginations with a peculiar mixture of light and dark, subtlety and boldness. It’s a costly calling, for artists often create from a place of pain, becoming transparent to their audience. But it’s also a deeply beautiful calling as we hold out hope and light in a dark world.”

Ted Turnau

in collaboration with Morphe Cymru

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