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Urban Crofters

Apologetics Course

A brand new apologetics course, for all denominations, meeting on the 4th Sunday of each month, where Chris will be doing interactive teaching on the evidence for Christianity, answers to common objections and other resources for understanding/ sharing Christian faith thoughtfully and effectively.

Apologetics Course

Time & Location

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24 Jul, 19:30 – 21:30

Urban Crofters, Crofts St, Cardiff CF24 3DZ, UK

About the event

Introduction to Apologetics – Course Outline

Evidence for the truth of Christianity and dealing with objections

  1. What is apologetics and why is it important? Course overview, Limitations and Context, Discussion
  2. Evidence for Jesus 1 – Reliability of the Gospels
  3. Evidence for Jesus 2 – Historical Resurrection
  4. Introduction to critical thinking, philosophy, and logic
  5. Natural Theology 1 – Cosmological, teleological, and contingency arguments
  6. Natural Theology 2 – Moral arguments and Pascal’s Wager
  7. Responding to “The Problem of Evil” and “The Hiddenness of God”
  8. Resources for other common objections (science, hypocrisy, incoherency, sexuality, pluralism, scepticism, what is truth, can we really know anything and aren’t miracles impossible?)
  9. Reliability of the wider Bible and difficulties (archeology, external corroboration, prophecy, internal support, spiritual effect, nature of documents) (creation/evolution, extreme violence, sexism, slavery, contradictions, bad science/history/geography?)
  10. Combining resources, summary and practice (natural theology, good listening and answers, Bible, analogies, resources, prayer, relationship with God, good living, kindness, signs and wonders, community, time, vulnerability/honesty, testimonies/stories, gospel summaries, etc.)

4th Sunday of every month @ Urban Crofters Church, 7:30-9pm

Free of charge and welcome to all!

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